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Re: Multimedia Optimisation

Greg Folkert wrote:

On Mon, 2004-06-07 at 05:02, Simon L wrote:
I will take a concrete example: "Tuxracer". I can run it (at approx 1frame/sec). With any linux distribution, it is always at that speed that I go, except one time I got one that ran Tuxracer at a very good speed (like windows will). So I know that it is possible to make better than 1 frm/sec (I now have a 3d card, which I didn't have when I tried the distro that worked so it can makes more frm than before)

How could I make it works (because I know it can)

    1. We need to know what kind of Video Card. Exacting details are
       the best. such mine is: nVidia Geforce 5200 Ultra 128MB AGPv3
    2. Which version of Debian are you running? For example, I have
       Woody(stable), Sarge(testing or the Next Stable), Sid (Unstable
       always will be) and Experimental. Which one do you have?
    3. General overview of the rest of your system. Mine for example:
       AMD Athlon T-bird 1.4GHz, 1.5GB RAM, ATA133 Hard drives. What do
       you have?

After that, we could probably answer your question much more accurately.
Here we go :)

Ati Radeon 7200 PCI
Debian Sid
Celeron 700 mhz
320 Mo RAM
Integrated sound card

I know it is not very big, but normaly I can do things with it :)

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