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Re: Multimedia Optimisation

Erik Steffl wrote:

Simon L wrote:

Do you know where I could find informations on how to make my Debian computer go faster for all the media things? I know that my computer can go much more faster than now, because it does on Windows and I would like to do the same on linux.

depends on what you want and what is the current problem, here are some pointers:

X config - make sure you use correct driver (for normal work it should be enough, for games and other 3d apps you might need openGL but I guess that's not what you're asking about).

  use 2.6.x kernel and enable preemptive kernel (in kernel config)

do not run unneccessary services that might eat lot of CPU (most of them don't so you problably do not have to bother)

use hdparm to check whether your disks have DMA enabled (big difference)

use e.g. gkrellm (or other tools like top, etherape) to monitor your system and see what resources are used, how, and which programs use them. If your system simply feels unresponsive it's most probably problem with X server (you are using generic driver instead of driver for your specific card) or not enough memory.


All of that are now good thanks, but when I talk about multimedia, yes am I talking about the optimisation of 3d apps and stuffs :) .

I will take a concrete example: "Tuxracer". I can run it (at approx 1frame/sec). With any linux distribution, it is always at that speed that I go, except one time I got one that ran Tuxracer at a very good speed (like windows will). So I know that it is possible to make better than 1 frm/sec (I now have a 3d card, which I didn't have when I tried the distro that worked so it can makes more frm than before)

How could I make it works (because I know it can)


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