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/cdrom & /cdrom0


I just installed testing from the beta 4 netinstall cd, on three machines and it is by far the best installation I have done, the hardware recognition made the whole thing a piece of cake.

I am curious about one thing though. The install creates two directories as mount points /floppy, /cdrom and cdrom0. Now I have read the FHS and I know that this kind of media should be now mounted in /media/floppy and /media/cdrom, and I see that Testing does create these mount points. 

Anyway I deleted what I took to be the surplus /floppy, /cdrom and /cdrom0 and removed references to them from the /etc/fstab.

I rebooted the machine and was a little surprised to see that although /floppy stayed gone, /cdrom and /cdrom0 had both returned. 

Why are they there? Why do they keep coming back after I zap them


  Keith O'Connell.
  Maidstone, Kent. (UK)

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