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Re: MailScanner setup with Postfix

Matt Krause wrote:
I setup MailScanner according to the directions on the website and
/var/spool/postfix.in and /etc/postfix.in as well as /var/spool/postfix
and /etc/postfix. Can someone tell me the difference between the two?  I
assume that postfix.in is for all incoming mail and postfix is for all
outgoing mail.  I seem to remember verifying this by using the
always_bcc command in /etc/postfix.in/main.cf and recieving copies of all
mail coming from an outside source, but not any copies of outgoing mail.
When I added it to /etc/postfix/main.cf I recieved copies of all outgoing
mail, but no incoming mail.  So I am close?

If the above is true, where do I put the SASL and TLS parameters?
postfix/main.cf or postfix.in/main.cf?



I simply got postfix to work in a non-MailScanner environment first,
and then simply copied the whole /etc/postfix sheebang to /etc/postfix.in and made some minor changes.
Mainly to turn on defered, and to turn of SMTP listening.

I also reversed the names, since if you use gotmail (to fetch hotmails) the mailscanner will not process the mails since they end up in the postfix folder (which is the post-mailscanner folder). For gotmail to work you need to have postfix as the incoming folder, and postfix.outgoing as the post-mailscanner

Good luck


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