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Re: trouble installing kde

On Thursday 03 June 2004 09:28 pm, Ignatz Sol wrote:
> On Thu, 03 Jun 2004 23:04:30 -0500, Kent West <westk@acu.edu> wrote:
> > Ignatz Sol wrote:
> > >I'm sure that I'm just suffering from newbitis and I apologize.  I'm
> > >trying to install kde on sarge.  I have done apt-get kde.  I have the
> > >first 4 cds and everything installed with no problem and only a few
> > >items required to download.  When I tried startkde I got something
> > >like:
> >
> > [errors]
> >
> > Try something other than KDE to get started.
> >
> > "apt-get install icewm"
> > then create/edit ~/.xinitrc and put the single line "icewm" in and then
> > "startx".
> >
> > If that doesn't work, the problem is with X, not KDE.
> >
> > If that does work, then try installing KDE; "apt-get install kde".
> >
> > --
> > Kent
> I just found on the kde site that you are not supposed to start kde
> with the command "startkde".  You are supposed to start it with
> "startx" and edit ~/.xinitrc to say "startkde".  This did seem to do
> something and the screen blanked and tried to start, but then came
> back to terminal with some X errors.  It was a screenfull and I didn't
> write them down.  Is there a way to copy text in the console?
> So I'm thinking that it's a problem with X.  I will go back and try
> icewm and see what happens.  If it is a problem with X, how the heck
> do I diagnose it?  Where do I start?

I believe you need to reconfigure your /etc/X11/XF86Config-4. 
If you use an nvidia video card, make sure the driver listed is 'nv' (or maybe 
'vesa', they have both worked for me in the past.
If you have another brand, I can't help.

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