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Network/DSL uptime log?

I look for a command/daemon that will keep a history of my
DSL-connection downtime. 

My Verizon ADSL connection has been down about 60% of the 
time for 3 weeks, so I want to log the actual downtimes.
For example, in a file like /var/log/eth1-downtime 
I would like to see lines like
   June 2  10:14am to  7:33pm
   June 2   8:45pm to 10:04pm
   June 3   2:31am to  7:14am

Jameson C. Burt, NJ9L   Fairfax, Virginia, USA
jameson@coost.com       http://www.coost.com
(202) 690-0380 (work)

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