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Re: NIce cron or anacron jobs

On Thursday 03 June 2004 14:28, you wrote:
> David Baron wrote:
> > How does one assure that such jobs be run with -nice ##. Simply placing
> > this on the command line as  "jobbin -nice ## " ... does not seem to
> > work.
> Try this as an example cron entry (assume every midnight):
> 0 0 * * *  nice cleanup_script.sh
> Not all jobs know the arguement '-nice' (setiathome is the only one I've
> seen with this).  Otherwise you'll have to prefix with nice

Yes, I have seen this. Where do I place the number?

Also, setiathome is the offender. I can do this from a command line or from 
tkseti or whatever, but NOT from cron or /etc/anacrontab.

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