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Re: Extract ISO image

On Thu, 2004-06-03 at 06:38, Torquil Macdonald Sørensen wrote:
> How can a non-root user (so I can't mount anything as a loopback FS) 
> extract an ISO image without writing and then mounting a CD.
> 'isoinfo' can (as far as I understand) only extract a single file at a 
> time. I guess it would be possible to use this program in conjunction 
> with 'awk' to extract a whole ISO-image, but I can't seem to find 
> anything like that on the net. Eventually I will try to do this myself, 
> if no other suggestions appear...

I'm not 100% sure if this will work, but you should be able to create an
fstab entry to do a loopback mount using a predefined filename.
Something along the lines of

/home/user/your-image.iso /home/user/image/ iso9660 loop,ro,user,noauto
0 0

Then, anytime 'user' wants to mount an iso image, s/he puts it in their
home directory and names it 'your-image.iso' and then does a 'mount
/home/user/image'. That SHOULD work, though I haven't tested it so don't
hold me to it. :)

Alex Malinovich
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