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Re: iptables

Tom Allison wrote:

> I was trying to write up an iptables script last night and managed to
> get it work, or so I thought.

> When I run it, the interface just dies.
> It's still configured and "up", but any kind of traffic sent to it is
> ignored.  I even added lines like:
> iptables -A INPUT -i $IFACE -j LOG
> and I don't get any logging in /var/log/syslog

Try using the dmesg command.

> What's worse, if I remove all the rules and reset the default policy to
> ACCEPT it doesn't get any better.


> Is there some "issue" between iptables and the 2.6 kernel I should know
> about?

Works fine for me on Sarge and Sid; don't know about woody.

> Is there any way I might be able to trouble shoot this effectively?

You could start by showing us the script.


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