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Re: Printing from firefox (xprt)

On 02 Jun 2004, Paul Stolp wrote:
> * Anthony Campbell <ac@acampbell.org.uk> [2004-06-02 12:44]:
> >
> >
> > Since a recent upgrade of firefox (Sid) I find that printing from
> > Firefox still works but it is now very small. Previously it used to fill
> > up an A4 page,but now it prints a very small area in one corner.
> > Fiddling with the settings via Preview doesn't affect what happens.
> >
> > Anyone seen this effect?
> >
> > Anthony
> I'm not sure if this might be it or not, but when I first installed
> xprt, I got a 1/4 page printout. Something to do with DPI. Check the
> xprt-xprintorg faq in /usr/share/doc for details.
> Paul
> --

Thanks for this useful pointer. Increasing the DPI has doubled the size
of the printout and centred it, which is certainly an improvement,
though it's still a lot smaller than it used to be.


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