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Fetchyahoo to amavisd-new?

Hello deb-users.

I have a problem with my configuration, and I would need some help.

I just installed amavisd-new and clamav on my mail server running
postfix/procmail.  The entire system is based on the unstable dist.

So far, I have everything configured for the local mailbox delivery, but I
am not sure how to integrate fetchyahoo with amavisd-new.

I was thinking about piping fetchyahoo to procmail and call clamav from
there, if it has not been scanned (to avoid scanning the mails coming from
postfix/amavisd).  Or maybe just leave all scanning for procmail.  Problem
with this approach is that I have some OLD hardware (85 MHz SparcStation
5), and I would prefer the daemon approach, offered by clamd connected by

Perfect solution would take these emails and put them through regular
postfix handling.  Maybe forwarding the emails whose To: matches the
@yahoo.com address and does not match the final delivery address?  The
problem is that I tried that as well, and I get the "mail forwarding loop"

I tried piping the fetchyaho output to "sendmail -oi username@mybox.com" ,
but it did not work.

I wonder if anyone has any suggestions?


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