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Re: Linux on a Windows XP computer?

On Wednesday 02 June 2004 01:50 pm, alex wrote:

> As a test, I  installed KNOPPIX on the harddrive  and it works  fine
> except  for the modem and sound so I'd like to fix this problem.

> .I could use some recommendations about installing a modem that is more
> suitable for Linux,  an internal  PCI.Hardware version or external

If you can't get that winmodem working, the next first choice is an old 
fashioned external serial modem.  Somebody somewhere (maybe 
alt.os.linux.mandrake) was just talking about buying a new one for $15 
somewhere or other.  IF you have a serial port on your new computer.

If you go internal, I've had good luck with the USR 5610 "PCI Performance Pro" 
modem.  It's expensive, and under Debian you will probably have to do some 
twiddling to get it to work.  (I had to mknod a ttyS4 for it and run 
setserial to tell Linux about its IRQ and whatnot, which I documented 
somewhere in the archives and can dig up for you if you need it.)

> I'd like to have audio but it doesn't have to be  super  quality---- I'm
> not a music fanatic so the cheapest sound card would be OK as long as it
> works in Linux..

Where do you live?  I hate letting things go to waste.  I have an SB PCI 128 
sitting here.  ens1371.  Works fine, but has no on-board MIDI, so you have to 
get MIDI via something like QSynth.  Works just fine if you have a reasonably 
fast box; say 1 GHz or better.  (For MIDI.  You don't need to do any of this 
just to play .wav or .mp3 files or whatever.)

> I've checked Hardware Compatability Lists but they seem  somewhat
> behind the times.   This  computer is quite  up to date,  enough so that
> a 4 way card reader was installed in lieu of a floppy drive. I had to
> install a floppy drive  before I could run my Partition Manager to
> partition the 120 GB HD.

I'm really impressed.  My own grandfather is about your age, plus or minus a 
year or two.  (I stopped counting after 71, but 71 was a long time ago.)  He 
wouldn't know a mouse from a hard drive, and has no interest in learning 
about these things at all.

Michael McIntyre  ----   Silvan <dmmcintyr@users.sourceforge.net>
Linux fanatic, and certified Geek;  registered Linux user #243621

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