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Poor Fileserver Performance with Multiple Accesses

A confession, its just a dual-IDE software-raid-0 (each drive is the single master on its chain), my personal media server. Still, performance is absolutely perposterous. Debian testing with 2.6(.6-mm2) kernel. hdparm speed testing is ok, about what i'd expect, but anything where there's multiple accesses is really pathetic: transfers run in three second spurts before dying and starting back up again from zero. its really quite pathetic.

I often have an instance or two of XMMS running remotely. I have the graphical refresh set low, ~6 fps, i have a 2000ms buffer and 100ms polling. and mmap enabled. still, if i do a samba copy to or from the drive while music is playing, a little after two seconds it starts stalling out something horrible.

samba is a very bare configruation: no real performance tuning.

i just tried doing a basic cp. same results. xmms stutters heavily once or twice a second.

please help

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