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Re: Thanks; introductions; my question.

Pigeon wrote:
On Mon, May 31, 2004 at 10:51:16PM -0500, dircha wrote:
The case for (b) is inaccurate... the filesystem *will* be readable
under Windoze, but will contain a whole bunch of files and directories
as opposed to a single file called something.iso.

I'm betting it's (a), and all you need to do is copy the .iso file
back off the CD onto your hard disk, then burn another CD from the
file on the hard disk, but this time tell Nero to burn it as an image.

I stand corrected. Is the Debian installer image just a ISO9660 file system? I guess I've never (myself, explicitly) mounted (or "loaded", as it were) one under Linux or Windows; I ordered my Woody CDs by mail back when and went from there.


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