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Kernel-2.6.6 compilation??

I am running debian/testing/kernel-2.6.5 (from knoppix-3.4 cd).

I want to compile kernel-2.6.6.
I have downloaded the kernel-sources-2.6.6 and unarchived in
made make xconfig, make-kgpg clean, fakeroot make-kgpg
--revision=custom1.0 kernel-mage

The image installs and boots coorectly BUT I missed the ide-scsi
emulation somewhere..

What are the correct settings for ide-scsi emulation (for internal
ide/atapi cdr-rw and zip-100 drives)?

In the booted kernel
lsmod | grep ide

but can't mount /dev/cdrom /mnt (mount: /dev/cdrom: not a valid block
device), replacing /dev/cdrom by /dev/scd0 also produces the same result.

Any help will be appreciated.

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