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Re: Very OT (and probably politically incorrect) - trivial programming language

On Sunday 30 May 2004 23:15, Monique Y. Mudama wrote:

> Maybe I'm just in a forgiving mood today, but I read the original
> statement as "Having kids is a great experience; the personality
> you present is grade-A; and yes, I know it's none of my business." 

Monique, thanks for taking time out to defend me.  That just confirms 
my original assessment of your personality.  This list widens one's 
circle of acquaintances, and a few of them it is nice to think could 
be friends.
> I am, however, also sick of the child-centric thinking.  I've had
> people tell me that only selfish freaks wouldn't want to have kids.

I think you understood that I wasn't in any way trying to tell you 
what to do -- more reflecting how much fun it has been for me.  I'm 
the last one to tell anyone to have children, as I think the world is 
over-populated already.  I also strongly advocate selfishness -- you 
only get one bite at this cherry, and each of us should feel free to 
live their life just how they want (as long as it doesn't hurt 
others).  Vive la difference!  And that expression, for me, has 
always been applied to diversity rather than to any chauvinist ideas, 
as I occasionally hear it used by some surviving dodos.  I was 
brought up to expect the same from any race or gender, and I have 
always tried to live by the egalitarian principles I inherited from 
my parents.

To be fair to Steve, he may have lived in a less enlightened milieu, 
surrounded by the dodos and their bigotry, and feel the need to burn a 
few bras on behalf of the oppressed.  Not that I am accusing him of 
being patronizing.

So, may I humbly present my compliments to all in thread, which has 
indented itself right off my screen.


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