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Re: What happened to /dev/fd0?

On Tue, May 25, 2004 at 10:57:52AM -0300, Hamilton Coutinho wrote:
> May be unrelated, but have you installed udev lately? I have a somewhat
> similar problem when I started using udev until I realized that udev
> does not create devices for not loaded modules (feature which I missed
> from devfsd).

I did load udev earlier, but I never used it (did not have time to
study all the documentation and experiment with the setup).  So I
removed it again.
> If this is your case, then loading the floppy module will trigger the
> device creation:
> $ sudo modprobe floppy

Thanks for your reply.  After rebooting (a failed effort to get grub
to work on this setup) I could see the /dev/fd0 created by MAKEDEV.  I
am not sure why I could not find it.  Maybe it was related to a
"floppy" module not loaded.


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