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Re: Debian, rpm and corporate world

Thus spake dircha:
# Paul Johnson wrote:
# >What's wrong with, "Make me a Debian package or lose a customer?"
# I'd venture to guess:
# We're sorry, but we can not presently justify the costs of maintaining a 
# Debian port. Perhaps if one of our larger customers express an interest 
# in it...

If an ISV really had to maintain packages of their proprietary software for every
possible distro their customers may be using it probably would be quite time
consuming.  Actually, probably the best way for an ISV to distribute their
proprietary software would be in something like makeself or their own proprietary
equivalent.  It could be made to check for its dependencies based on the files
(not packages) installed on the system, and it could even automatically download
and/or install the packages it needs based on the distro if they so desire.
This would truly be a cross-distro package.  It wouldn't have to rely on a
distro, debian or otherwise, to be properly installed and fully functional.
This would be by far the best way for vendors to release their software, because
it wouldn't matter what Linux their customers are using.


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