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Re: DVD+RW gone missing on moving to kernel 2.6.6

Graham Williams had the gall to say:
> My "_NEC DVD+RW ND-2100AD, ATAPI CD/DVD-ROM drive" that is easily
> identified under 2.4.25 (as /dev/hdc) goes missing under my 2.6.6
> kernel. dmesg has no hint at all of the DVD. This is my only IDE
> device (using a SATA hard drive).
> Is this a matter of finding the right module? The machine is sid,
> up-to-date.

Just hit this problem myself.  Here's what I did - let me know if it 

1) Remove any "hdc=ide-scsi" lines from /etc/lilo.conf (grub? No 
idea...) and then run "lilo" as root.

2) # modprobe ide-cd

3) $ cdrecord dev=ATA -scanbus

... and use the x,y,z triple that cdrecord reports, as in

$ cdrecord dev=ATA:x,y,z <other_options>


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