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aptitude trap: 'hold' directives not honored.

 It seems that Debian and the apt-get utilities have different places
 where they keep such information -- I had the opposite case a few
 weeks ago, where something I had put on hold in Deboian was not
 honored by dselect.  Could the authors get together and straighten
 out the situation?
on Friday 05/21/2004 Karsten M. Self(kmself@ix.netcom.com) wrote
 > I just found my Galeon install inadvertantly updated (I can't say
 > upgraded) from 1.2.x (9ish?) to 1.3.14a-1.  This despite its being
 > listed as "hold" in dpkg --get-selections:
 >     galeon						hold
 > I've got major reservations with where Galeon's gone in the 1.3 branch,
 > most of which I feel is a major step backwards.  Needless to say, I'm
 > not particularly pleased.  I don't believe I can force a revision to the
 > prior version, though I'll look into that.
 > This corresponds to my switching from doing 'apt-get -yu dist-upgrade'
 > to 'aptitude -yu dist-upgrade'.  I noted a lot of packages getting
 > updated under aptitude that weren't being changed with apt-get.  The
 > galeon situation is one of the more annoying of these changes.
 > This also calls for the possibility of Debian treating major revisions of
 > packages as separate packages.  This is already done with several
 > development tools (gcc, perl, python, etc.).  While desktop / end-user
 > apps don't fall quite under the same category, being able to manage this
 > change more precisely could be useful.
 > Peace.
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