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Re: Copy Linux Filesystem/Check/Compare Filesystems

Cameron Hutchison wrote:
Once upon a time Doug MacFarlane said...

I will shortly need to copy about 100 gb of data from one filesystem to
another.  [...]

Any suggestions?  Just exactly how would one tar one filesystem to another,
without the intermediate tar file?

I've done it using cpio(1), since tar didn't like the unix domain
sockets in /var/spool/postfix/private.

This site describes how to convert your root (/) fs:


The concepts can be abstracted to moving from disk to another.

I've attached the script I now use to copy all my filesystems or trees
around the place. The script does not cross filesystem boundaries, but
it is easily modified to do that.

Also, once the copy is complete, I'd love a tool that would compare the two
filesystems, including crc or md5 checksums on each file, to make sure that
they are, in fact, identical.

Can't help here, sorry.

Judicious use of sed, for and find should get the desired result.

-Roberto Sanchez

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