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Re: Sarge bootdisk

Katipo wrote:

john gennard wrote:

I did nothing to 'avoid' the option, quite simply it was not made available to me. I'm not sure whether the DVD contains beta4 - the write up merely says " taken
the latest Debian DVD build made with the jigdo tool"

At the end of the base install, I was given the options:-
   Use bootloader Grub
   Use bootloader Lilo
   Proceed without a bootloader

Then comes reboot, which I cannot do - if I could, I would go to the
base system configuration tool menu.

Why can't you reboot?
The ability to reboot has more to do with how you have your boot options set in the bios than anything else.

On installs, have your first boot option set as cdrom, your second as hdd0, or whichever drive you are installing to. Then, when you remove the install CD from the cdrom, boot automatically passes to the harddrive, and you're away.

You don't need to create a boot disc to boot, I bypassed the option on both occassions. Regards,


I don't understand how you do that.

After extracting the DVD and changing the first boot option back to 'floppy',
booting goes  from floppy to hdd0 which boots the only OS bootable from
the MBR. I haven't made the partition on which Sarge is being installed bootable
as I assume that might cause problems. Is that what you do?


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