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Re: woody/sarge vs. stable/testing in sources.list

Incoming from Michael Kahle:
> Wednesday, May 19, 2004 5:14 AM Colin Watson wrote:
> > I *strongly* recommend against upgrading by cron job. Just don't do 
> > it; there are lots of ways it can break.
> I have heard this mentioned before.  Could you elaborate?  Why is this a
> problem?  Please excuse my inexperience here.

A few weeks ago, a kernel-image package (security fix) was released
that didn't contain any kernel modules.  Oops.

>From one release to the next, things change their names; usb -->
usb-uhci (or whatever).  Yes, your hardware is still supported, but
not by the module you told it supports it.

It's a complex system and you can't expect the Debian
developers/release team to have thought of everything; you're not
paying them enough to be immortals.

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