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Re: Debian, rpm and corporate world

bob@proulx.com (Bob Proulx) writes:

> Paul Johnson wrote:
>> My understanding is this is a vocal minority decreasing in size as
>> more good, free software comes out.
> You are thinking perhaps of of office productivity software?
>> Proprietary software is sort of a band-aid for a real solution, or a
>> toy for after work.
> "A toy for after work", like a game?  Hahaha!  That is a good one.

Anything proprietary is automatically a toy to me.  Whether it
clasically falls into the definition of a toy like Vice City does or a
toy in the sense that Citrix Maincrash does, it doesn't matter.  If
it's proprietary, it's deliberately a toy like Vice City, or it's a
toy by accident like Citrix Mainblame is.  I hate Citrix with passion
at this point.  Yeah, Vice City automatically sucks because it's not
GPL, but at least your job doesn't depend on Vice City working right.

> Check out these two prominant, non-oracle examples.  Both high
> profile chip design software companies.  And they don't come cheap.
> You won't see any prices there.  Ever eat in a restaurant with no
> prices on the menu?  It's kind'a like that.  These are fairly
> representative of my corporate world.

No prices on the menu?  That's retarded.

Paul Johnson
Linux.  You can find a worse OS, but it costs more.

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