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Re: Debian, rpm and corporate world

Paul Johnson wrote:
> My understanding is this is a vocal minority decreasing in size as
> more good, free software comes out.

You are thinking perhaps of of office productivity software?

> Proprietary software is sort of a band-aid for a real solution, or a
> toy for after work.

"A toy for after work", like a game?  Hahaha!  That is a good one.
Check out these two prominant, non-oracle examples.  Both high profile
chip design software companies.  And they don't come cheap.  You won't
see any prices there.  Ever eat in a restaurant with no prices on the
menu?  It's kind'a like that.  These are fairly representative of my
corporate world.


Interesting, rarely do companies like these deliver rpms.  Instead
they usually have custom installation scripts for their tar files.
This comes because they install on HP-UX and Solaris well before being
ported to our favorite system.


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