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Re: Debian, rpm and corporate world

Incoming from Paul Johnson:
> dircha <dircha@dircha.com> writes:
> > Paul Johnson wrote:
> >> What's wrong with, "Make me a Debian package or lose a customer?"
> >
> > I'd venture to guess:
> > We're sorry, but we can not presently justify the costs of maintaining
> > a Debian port. Perhaps if one of our larger customers express an
> > interest in it...
> So don't tollerate clueless vendors.  Go find someone else.  If you're

Paul's Boss:  "Paul, we need to install Oracle.  Do it."

Paul:  "They don't make a Debian port.  Pick something else."

Paul's Boss:  "Eh?  Somebody wanna get Paul out of here?  I've had
enough of him."

Any technology distinguishable from magic is insufficiently advanced.
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