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Re: Sarge bootdisk

Katipo wrote:

john gennard wrote:

Am trying to do a new install of Sarge from a DVD. The new
installer does not appear to allow the creation of a bootdisk
(although the text assumes you can do so).

I don't see why the new installer should vary from dvd to cd, as I checked out both Beta3 and 4, and both had the boot disc option as I recall.

This DVD was issued with Linux Magazine and I can't find the option to
prepare a boot disk. For another machine I downloaded an .iso and
burned it to CD and yes that gave the bootdisk option. I no longer have
the CD and the ADSL line I had access to is longer available to me.

The Ash shell launchable from the installer does not include
'mkboot', so cannot be used.

I already have Knoppix installed on this new disk - if I mount
the partition containing the basic/part installed Sarge, I cannot
create a bootdisk that way, although with a little trying I can
probably put lilo on a floppy and boot that way.

I've always preferred to use bootdisks or lilo on a floppy , as yet
another OS can give me problems if I use the MBR.

How many OSs are you running, that they should give you problems.
I play with them, so I have found it easier to install them on separate drives in mobile racks.
This could possibly be a solution for you, dependent on your situation.

Normally, I only run Debian (Woody or Sarge), and like you I play around
with other distros and use removable caddies. Now, however, hard disks
are so large it's a different proposition. My main box is at the moment down
and I have re-siting difficulties, so, as a short term solution, I wanted Sarge
on a box in the bedroom quickly and got this snag.

Maybe Linux Magazine can help.

Is there any easy way for me to solve this problem?




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