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Re: A better sound system than esd and arts?

on Mon, May 17, 2004 at 12:42:57AM +0100, Joseph Jones (joe@bumpycarrot.cjb.net) wrote:
> Does such a beast exist?

ALSA, rumored.  Haven't installed it myself.

> Basically I'm looking for something that does mmap whilst still being 
> fast, as opposed to arts which delays all sound by .1 of a second or 
> something.
> One thing I would like is Quake 3 compatibility. Sound is the only 
> problem I currently have with Quake 3. I can only get it to work by 
> using artsdsp -m, which is a real system hog, reduces Q3 to unplayable.
> Can ALSA do sound mixing all on it's own?

I believe so.


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