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Re: Samba and network printing

on Thu, May 13, 2004 at 03:49:23PM +0200, John L Fjellstad (john-debian@fjellstad.org) wrote:
> I'm running a Debian Woody system with Samba 3 from backports.org.

I'm running testing/unstable, so YMMV.  

Printer is a Toshiba eStudio20CP.  Not specifically supported under
CUPS, though generic local printing works fine, but there was no PPD
file -- swiped one from a legacy MS Windows workstation, under
C:\WINDOWS\system32\<mumble>\w32x86 (Under WinXP Pro).

> What I'm trying to do is set up the Adobe Postscript Windows drivers to
> a Epson printer I have with CUPS and Samba.  I have no problem printing
> through CUPS on the UNIX side, nor printing through Samba on the Windows
> side as long as I manually install the drivers.

FWIW, this is what I ended up doing.

The printer was automatically found on the samba server, but I had to
manually add the printer.  And the drivers I've got specified for
autoload don't -- legacy MS Windows prompts to install its own drivers.
Given only ten client workstations, I've settled for this.

Took me a while to get here though.

I then installed this with:

    cupsaddsmb -U root -a 

...where "-a" specifies "all" printers (I only had one local printer

See the section(s) in Chapter 19 of the Samba HOWTO collection,
particularly on cupsaddsmb errors.  This was *very* unintuitive, and was
very literally hours of puzzling through some very misleading error
logs and a number of issues ranging from user authentication to Samba
printer config to CUPS.  *None* of which was plainly apparent from the
messages I was receiving.

> I want set the system up so that when a new Windows machine comes up on
> the network.  I've been able to do this before, but because of a bug
> introduced in the newest Windows bugfix, I can't log into the Samba
> machine anymore (with User security).
> So, I decided to install the drivers on the console (in Linux) using the
> Samba HOWTO for printing.
> The first step worked fine (putting the drivers on the Samba server).
> The second step failed with a WERR_BAD_PASSWORD:
> john@legolas:~/tmp/printer$ sudo rpcclient rivendell -U'root%passwd'
> rpcclient $> adddriver
> Usage: adddriver <Environment> \
>         <Long Printer Name>:<Driver File Name>:<Data File Name>:\
>         <Config File Name>:<Help File Name>:<Language Monitor Name>:\
>         <Default Data Type>:<Comma Separated list of Files> \
>         [version]
> rpcclient $> adddriver "Windows NT x86" "Epson_Stylus_Color_580:PSCRIPT5.DLL:Epson_Stylus_Color_580.ppd:PS5UI.DLL:PSCRIPT.HLP:NULL:RAW:PSCRIPT.NTF" 5.02
> result was WERR_BAD_PASSWORD
> A search on Google showed me someone else on the Samba mailing list
> having the same problem back in Nov. 2003, but I didn't see any
> solutions.  Any one on this list have any idea?

Check your log.smbd and cups 'error' logs.  You're looking for:

CUPS error log:
I [15/May/2004:00:44:33 -0700] Listening to 0:631
I [15/May/2004:00:44:33 -0700] Loaded configuration file "/etc/cups/cupsd.conf"
I [15/May/2004:00:44:33 -0700] Configured for up to 100 clients.
I [15/May/2004:00:44:33 -0700] Allowing up to 100 client connections per host.
I [15/May/2004:00:44:33 -0700] Full reload is required.
I [15/May/2004:00:44:33 -0700] LoadPPDs: Read "/etc/cups/ppds.dat", 14 PPDs...
I [15/May/2004:00:44:33 -0700] LoadPPDs: No new or changed PPDs...
I [15/May/2004:00:44:33 -0700] Full reload complete.
E [15/May/2004:00:47:58 -0700] get_printer_attrs: resource name '/printers/::{22
27a280-3aea-1069-a2de-08002b30309d}' no good!
E [15/May/2004:00:55:06 -0700] get_printer_attrs: resource name '/printers/%' no
E [15/May/2004:00:55:06 -0700] get_printer_attrs: resource name '/printers/%' no
E [15/May/2004:00:55:06 -0700] get_printer_attrs: resource name '/printers/%' no
E [15/May/2004:00:55:06 -0700] get_printer_attrs: resource name '/printers/%.exe
' no good!
E [15/May/2004:00:55:06 -0700] get_printer_attrs: resource name '/printers/%u' n
o good!

...etc.  The above occuring when I attempted to "Connect" to the printer
from a legacy MS Windows client, browsing my share and the "printers"
share beneath it.

Samba log.smbd log:
[2004/05/15 01:22:07, 3] rpc_server/srv_pipe.c:api_rpcTNP(1509)
  api_rpcTNP: rpc command: SPOOLSS_OPENPRINTEREX
  checking name: \\Riis\TC-Toshiba-eStudio20CP
[2004/05/15 01:22:07, 3] rpc_server/srv_spoolss_nt.c:set_printer_hnd_printertype
  Setting printer type=\\Riis\TC-Toshiba-eStudio20CP
[2004/05/15 01:22:07, 3] rpc_server/srv_spoolss_nt.c:_spoolss_open_printer_ex(17
  access DENIED for printer open

There were other errors as too, most of which have aged out of this log.
Turned out though, that cupsaddsmb was the culprit.

Read especially (chapter 19 again):

   "The use of ?cupsaddsmb? gives ?No PPD file for printer...? Message
   While PPD File Is Present. What might the problem be?"


   "Can't Use ?cupsaddsmb? on Samba Server Which Is a PDC"


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