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Re: Can rpm packages from other linux distribution be used on Debian?

On Saturday 15 May 2004 01:16 am, Kevin Mark wrote:

> its stability it will get moved to testing. And then if all goes well,
> it moves into stable.  its stability and interaction with other packages
> are the criteria that the debian packager of an authors work uses to
> judge when it is moved to the next phase of readyness for 'stable'.

Well, that's all rather misleading, I think.  Nothing ever makes it "into 
stable."  When stable is stable, stable stays stable.  When was the last time 
a package made it from Sid into Woody?

The descriptions of the Debian Way make it sound like that happens, but it 
doesn't.  Packages "make it into stable" all at once, and after they're 
there, they're frozen in time forever.  Security and bug fixes, yes, but the 
version of libflummy is chiseled in stone pretty much for eternity 
thereafter.  The way this is usually described just doesn't reflect the 
reality of it.

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