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Re: OT: malicious scans

ghcbc@yahoo.com writes:

> 	Anybody know where I can get some detailed info on the
> characteristics of trojans/viruses that scan for vulnerabilities ? 
> Specifically, I'm trying to determine if a pattern of scanned ports I have
> noticed on my machine is characteristic of any particular
> trojan/virus/malicious programme that a user might not be aware of on their
> machine (ie, not something they are not consciously running, but which has
> been installed without their knowledge).  

Why do people insist on being totally anal retentive about totally
random connection to random ports?  Why not just secure your system
in the first place so random people knocking on ports don't stumble on
something they're not supposed to to begin with?  If you maintain a
secure system, people knocking on the wrong host is the least of your

Paul Johnson
Linux.  You can find a worse OS, but it costs more.

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