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Re: upgrade to 2.6.5 problem

csj <csj@zapo.net> writes:

>> yup... anyway i discovered that to get audio etc i just had to
>> add myself to the audio and video groups... problem solved,
>> just one now, when i create a '/dev/sound' directory and put a
>> link to /dev/mixer in it (gnome volume control needs this for
>> some reason) when i reboot it disapears
> Do you create the /dev/sound directory via /etc/udev/links.conf?
> If not, maybe you can put in /etc/udev/links.conf something like:
> D sound
> L sound/mixer	/dev/mixer

He would be better off doing it the udev way, namely adding it to the
rules file, like this:
KERNEL="mixer*",     NAME="sound/%k", SYMLINK="%k"
(add the SYMLINK statement to the rule)

Or even better, change where gnome volume control can find the mixer

John L. Fjellstad
web: http://www.fjellstad.org/          Quis custodiet ipsos custodes

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