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Re: 2.6 and nvidia

* hanasaki <hanasaki@hanaden.com> wrote:

|> My nvidia is due in the mail soon. The nvidia packages from
|> apt-cache search seem to depend on the 2.4 kernels. Could you walk
|> me through the steps to get get the nvidia drivers built/installed
|> on kernel 2.6.x? I have built the kernel with make-kpkg. Also, Any
|> specific options to choose/not choose in the kernel .config?

There is an excellent Debian-specific HOWTO (clear and detailed) here:


If you use 2.6.6, there could be issues. In particular, it is
important not to enable the option CONFIG_4KSTACKS, which causes X to
crash when the nvidia driver is used. This option does not exist in
kernels previous to 2.6.6 and so the issue does not arise.

I had the nvidia driver working by this method up as far as 2.6.5. In
2.6.6 I'm still encountering problems. When I try to modprobe the
nvidia module, it fails with the helpful error-message:

version magic `2.6.6 686 gcc-3.3' should be `2.6.6 preempt PENTIUM4
  Invalid module format

No-one so far has been able to help with this.


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