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Re: choise of HDD

On Thu, 13 May 2004 20:56:37 +0200
"Pim Bliek" <bliekp@pingwings.nl> wrote:

> I read somewhere else (sorry, can't find the URL anymore) that there
> were some probs with Seagate drives on linux?
> Anyone aware of issues?

I've used Seagate for over 10 years. Only 2 have failed out of about 20
that I've used. But others have reported less success.

WD, on the other hand, have failed at the rate of one every 3 or 4 for
me. Some models have failed more than others. I have 2 13GB that are
ancient and have given no problems. I lost 2 40GB at almost the same
time, both WD.


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