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Re: View Samba file permissions from Linux?

Jens Benecke <jens@spamfreemail.de> writes:

> we have a Samba server whose shares are mounted by Windows (2000) machines
> and Linux machines. We mount the SMB shares with fstab lines like
> //getserver1/GET-Gruppe /smb/get-gruppe smbfs  
> uid=benecke,gid=benecke,credentials=/home/benecke/.smb-login,rw,ip=getserver1,noauto,user     
> 0 0
> In Windows 2000, we can view the file permissions (with names and IDs) on
> SMB shares although the respective accounts don't exist locally. (e.g.
> Group "users"). In Linux, all we see is "rwxr-xr-x" and the user/group
> specified above (or root) as the owner.

Have you tried not mounting specifying a uid and gid?

> Is there a way to 
> - display the correct permissions at least for the user whose credentials
> are used for mounting the SMB share?
> - display the user _names_ of the users how they appear on the server?
> We are trying to avoid NFS for security reasons and because of the
> needed reconfiguration _and_ because it would require syncing
> UIDs/GIDs between our Linux machines which is close to impossible
> because we are running different distributions (Debian and SuSE) and
> different machines have different groups of accounts.

As long as the names match, it doesn't matter if you're using anything
that isn't specifically asking for numerical UID/GID...

You make it sound like the names don't match, either, and I have to
wonder, if you're in a locally networked environment, why isn't the
user naming scheme the same?

Paul Johnson
Linux.  You can find a worse OS, but it costs more.

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