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View Samba file permissions from Linux?


we have a Samba server whose shares are mounted by Windows (2000) machines
and Linux machines. We mount the SMB shares with fstab lines like

//getserver1/GET-Gruppe /smb/get-gruppe smbfs  
0 0

In Windows 2000, we can view the file permissions (with names and IDs) on
SMB shares although the respective accounts don't exist locally. (e.g.
Group "users"). In Linux, all we see is "rwxr-xr-x" and the user/group
specified above (or root) as the owner.

Is there a way to 
- display the correct permissions at least for the user whose credentials
are used for mounting the SMB share?
- display the user _names_ of the users how they appear on the server?

We are trying to avoid NFS for security reasons and because of the needed
reconfiguration _and_ because it would require syncing UIDs/GIDs between
our Linux machines, which is close to impossible because we are running
different distributions (Debian and SuSE) and different machines have
different groups of accounts.


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