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Re: IMAP tunnel thru http proxy - possible?

Deboo <deboo@debian.elitemail.org> writes:

>    I just have http access from office (thru a proxy gateway), and
>    no outside POP/IMAP/SMTP access. Is it possible to somehow tunnel
>    all the IMAP(S)/POP(S) requests thru the proxy? The proxy allows
>    http/https and ftp only.

Well, you also have the SquirrelMail option to make your own web mail,
and you can use fetchmail/fetchyahoo/whatever to get your mail to a
mailbox that your SquirrelMail can see.  This is the solution you're
looking for if you aren't allowed to install software on your work

Another option is to use putty to create an SSH tunnel through an HTTP
proxy.  This works better if you can install software or already have
putty and a mail fetcher on your system.

Paul Johnson
Linux.  You can find a worse OS, but it costs more.

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