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Re: No users can log on to X, suddenly !?

On Thu, 13 May 2004 10:07:51 +0200, Johann Spies wrote:

> Sorry is the obvious but I am just guessing:
> Have you checked the permissions in the home directory of the user(s)?

Thanks. I ought to have done so; but the obvious is not always what
springs into mind.
I still have no clue *why* this happened; I'd guess a bug in kde ?

Here is the summary:

Before I had user1, 1001. 
*Not* belonging to a specific, own group.
Then I created another user, user2. Automatigally, kde user administration
created that user (1002) *and a group*. 1001, in this case, for the group.
Userid 1001, however, was my user1.
user2 now sits on user-id 1002 and belongs to group 1001.

For reasons beyond my understanding, some program wanted to be clever and
moved all files of 1001 to belong to group 1001 as well. Which, however,
is userid 1002.
So all files were owned by 1001; and grouped to user 1002.
This cannot possibly go right through, can't it !?

So I deleted user2, created a group 1001 for user 1; recreated user2
(automagically 1002, group 1002), and everything is fine.

Thanks for helping me out with a clear mind !


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