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Re: No display signal after installing Debian on PowerMac 8600

Am 13.05.2004 um 09:49 schrieb Clive Menzies:
On (13/05/04 09:24), Lukas Foljanty wrote:
On (12/05/04 21:43), Lukas Foljanty wrote:

I am a total newbie to Linux, so perhaps this is all stupid, but I
a problem I cannot solve after installing the current build of Debian
on my PowerMac 8600.

Here it goes:
I (successfully) installed the basic installation of Debian (CD
distribution 1) for PowerMacs/PPC. I partitioned the hard drive,
installed some modules and then finished the installation. When it
me that the installation was finished I restarted my Mac.

However, now I don't have a display signal! When booting of a split
second, the display receives a signal, but then goes blank. I can hear
the computer working and seemingly, it responds to keyboard inputs
(from the sounds it makes), but since the screen is black, I don't
what's it's doing.

What's worse, I cannot boot in MacOS, either (neither booting from HD
nor CD). So I am completely stuck here.
Hi Lukas

It is likely that during the install you chose display settings that
aren't available ... unless, of course your monitor has died ;)

<snip> >
Hi Clive (and all).

Thanks a lot for your email.
Following your advice (zapping the PRAM), I was able to return to MacOS.

I checked BootX for video settings and found a check box labeled "no
video driver". I selected it and started re-installing Debian.
Just like before, the installer works flawlessly (correct video
output). Unfortunately, after re-booting, the display was all blank

I also tried to restart with Boot parameters for old Apple displays
(video=atyfb:vmode:6), but that didn't help either. The monitor is a
12" monochrome Apple display.
Ah!  I would do some googling on "monochrome display" - I found this
thread which is a start

I suspect that you need to do something like video=mono but I'm
guessing.  You might be better off trying to pick up a second hand
colour monitor.  VGA will work with a Mini D-Sub 15Pin Mac to VGA
adapter - I got one off EBay the other day for about 5 Euros.



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You're right!
It was the display! I connected the PowerMac to my regular 17" CRT display and it works!

Thanks a lot for your help!

Take care,


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