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Revert gnome user prefs to default?

When I start gnome as a certain user, I get a ton of dialogs complaining
that my settings are missing/corrupt, e.g., "an error occured while
loading or saving configuration information for
gnome-settings-daemon..." ultimately the desktop is covered with
windows, when I dismiss them all what's left is broken and unusable: no
tool bar or menus, 3 generic icons on a black background.

I created a new user, gnome runs fine.

I deleted all files in the problem user's home directory, copied in the
files from /etc/skel, and launched gnome but this made no difference
except that now some of the dialogs are so wide that they extend off the
desktop to either side.

I don't usually use gnome, but I'd like to get the default environment

Paul Mackinney

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