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Re: How to set up wi-fi device?

hi ya jonathan

On Wed, 12 May 2004, Jonathan Melhuish wrote:

> I seem to have successfully installed my BT Voyager 1010 USB Wifi 
> adapter.  The driver loads upon plugging it in, the "activity" light 
> switches on, and all is rosy.  But I'm slightly at a loss as to how to 
> proceed.  The README that comes with the driver slightly tersely 
> suggests typing something along the lines of:
> iwconfig wlan0 channel 3 mode ad-hoc essid fred
> ifconfig wlan0
> Which I've tried, but don't seem to have acheived anything (I assume 
> wlan0 is an abitary name?).  All it seems to have done is break the 
> hostname lookups on my wired connection, eth0.  Which is damned 
> annoying, as without the web I find it very difficult to fix anything :-(
> Can anybody point me in the right direction?  Are there any packages I 
> need to install?  Do I need to add anything to any config files or 
> something?  Can anyone share how they set up their card?

you need to download the amtel drivers ??
	- or more like google for: "voyager 1010" drivers


than do some combinations of the following

   ( you need to know how to add new routes and stuff )
	ifconfig wlan
	route ...

   ( you need to kow what the wireless options means )
	iwconfig [ wireless options you want ]
	iwlist scan

	ping  other-wireless-ap

other wireless drivers

c ya

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