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How to set up wi-fi device?

I seem to have successfully installed my BT Voyager 1010 USB Wifi adapter. The driver loads upon plugging it in, the "activity" light switches on, and all is rosy. But I'm slightly at a loss as to how to proceed. The README that comes with the driver slightly tersely suggests typing something along the lines of:

iwconfig wlan0 channel 3 mode ad-hoc essid fred
ifconfig wlan0

Which I've tried, but don't seem to have acheived anything (I assume wlan0 is an abitary name?). All it seems to have done is break the hostname lookups on my wired connection, eth0. Which is damned annoying, as without the web I find it very difficult to fix anything :-(

Can anybody point me in the right direction? Are there any packages I need to install? Do I need to add anything to any config files or something? Can anyone share how they set up their card?



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