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Re: change LILO form command line to menu

Bill Kalebaugh wrote:

I have used LILO for about 10 years on a number of different vendors linux systems and
I have never ran in to this before.

When Woody boots up it is like a command line and you get no menu to pick different kernels from. This was fine until I compiled a new kernel, lilo it, but I have no way to pick it out to boot from.

How do you convince lilo to use a menu while booting???

Bill K

Try pressing shift (there is probably a pause while nothing is hapening whitch is giving you the option to press shift and see lilo menu). Cant remember the options but it is possible to not show the menu untill shift is pressed. I had this problem and worked out what was wrong looking at the lilo.conf. If you are really stuck you can use knoppix as a rescue disk. I even managed to chroot, edit lilo and run the lilo prog from it.


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