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Re: Mount problem with SATA and Kernel 2.6.6

Thank you for your answer. Now it works perfectly. I have compiled in the
kernel also some SCSI stuff, which I thought it isn't necessary, like SCSI


"Justin Guerin" <jguerin@cso.atmel.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> On Tuesday 11 May 2004 10:32, Danny wrote:
> > Thank you for your answer. I always use the old .config. I use EXT3
> > filesystem with the drivers compiled in. I have no ramdisk, because I
> > have compiled in the Promise drivers directly into the kernel. As
> > before, the hardisk is recognized correctly, also with the correct size.
> > I have photographed the kernel messages during bootup and can see, that
> > the SATA hardisk is attached as sda. It is strange, that I'm still
> > to mount to SDA9, like in Kernel 2.4.18
> >
> > The problem must be afterwards, after the Promise driver is being
> >
> > Thanks again,
> >
> > Danny
> Can you post the relevant portions of your boot log when using the 2.4.18
> kernel?  That may provide some insight.  Also, the output of lsmod may
> prove helpful (also from working 2.4.18).  It seems that you're missing
> some kind of driver support, but it isn't the file system and it isn't the
> controller, so that only leaves the SCSI command set, which doesn't seem
> likely since it seems to attach the disk OK.
> Justin Guerin
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