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Re: Mount problem with SATA and Kernel 2.6.6

On Tuesday 11 May 2004 10:32, Danny wrote:
> Thank you for your answer. I always use the old .config. I use EXT3
> filesystem with the drivers compiled in. I have no ramdisk, because I
> have compiled in the Promise drivers directly into the kernel. As written
> before, the hardisk is recognized correctly, also with the correct size.
> I have photographed the kernel messages during bootup and can see, that
> the SATA hardisk is attached as sda. It is strange, that I'm still unable
> to mount to SDA9, like in Kernel 2.4.18
> The problem must be afterwards, after the Promise driver is being loaded.
> Thanks again,
> Danny

Can you post the relevant portions of your boot log when using the 2.4.18 
kernel?  That may provide some insight.  Also, the output of lsmod may 
prove helpful (also from working 2.4.18).  It seems that you're missing 
some kind of driver support, but it isn't the file system and it isn't the 
controller, so that only leaves the SCSI command set, which doesn't seem 
likely since it seems to attach the disk OK.

Justin Guerin

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