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Gnome-apps crashing [Was: Re: Evolution?]

Am Di, den 11.05.2004 schrieb Ping Wing um 21:51:
> Btw, has anyone seen any gnome/gtk application that
> doesnt crash regulary?
> Really, i dont wanna start flame but thats so.

I use evolution, gimp, gnomeicu regularly (means: they are running daily
from morning till evening) without any crashing. Sometimes gnomeicu
loses connection, but I believe this is not gtk's fault. And sometimes
evolution fails to shutdown (a message window saying "Evolution is being
shut down") is displayed and does not disappear.

> recently i installed jags (.deb) on sarge. crashed
> almost immediately. And I have had same experiences
> with lots of gnome apps.... 

Hmmm. I just downloaded it and tried it out. It froze on browsing the
network, but it did not segfault or something like that. I could easily
kill it (just kill, not kill -9).


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