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Re: problems with cdroms and sarge

On Monday 10 May 2004 23:44, H. S. wrote:
> Apparently, _Brent Bailey_, on 05/10/04 17:12,typed:
> > I'm having a couple of problems with my sarge installation.  I can't
> > seem to mount the cdrom or cdrw.
> >
> > $mount /dev/hdd
> > mount: /dev/hdd is not a valid block device
> What does "ls -l /" give?
> What does "ls -l /dev/hdd" give?
> What does "ls -l /dev/cdrom" give?
> Do you belong to the 'cdrom' group?
> What does "lsmod" give?
> ->HS

the uptodate sarge has a /media group. quite easy on my machine to mount 
cdrom's on my two devices (.i.c. hda, hdc)

you can try as root too something like

# mount -t iso9660 /dev/hd[x] /dev/cdrom 



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