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Re: Installing Debian Stable with Software RAID


Jeremy Brown wrote:
Jeremy Brown wrote:

I'm relatively new to Debian, but am considering installing it on several new servers I'm setting up. At least one of the servers will need its root partition stored on a software RAID volume though, and a casual glance at both the Debian stable and testing installers seems to indicate that they do not support the creation of a software RAID volumes for use as the root install partition (well, at all really)...although it does look like testing's installer has LVM support.

Is there a general procedure to follow for installing Debian on a software RAID volume? Is this something that's even possible right now?

Just pinging this thread, since I haven't seen a response yet.

Does anyone have any pointers on getting software RAID working in Debian, preferably pre-install? Can it be done at all?

Yes, it can be done, but it's some work. There are a couple (two or three) HOWTOs on the Net, but these were in an evolving state when I needed them in last autumn and did help, but didn't work when I tried to follow them exactly..

Since then, I have successfully followed the instructions given at http://people.debian.org/~blade/install/index.old.html#lvm. Note that you _must_ build a kernel image package of your own, the Debian kernels apparently cannot mount a root device that's on LVM-on-RAID.


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