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Re: Which package to pipe to gz automatically?

On Tuesday 11 May 2004 06:39 pm, Thomas Adam wrote:
>  --- Silvan <dmmcintyr@users.sourceforge.net> wrote:
> > I used to be able to, for example
> >
> > 	less README.gz

> use "zless" (distributed with the 'gzip' package).

So maybe I either

A set up an alias
B did something with /etc/alternatives


I've never heard of zless, so I don't think it was A...

Doesn't look like there's an alternative either.

Weird.  Oh well.  I just symlinked /usr/local/bin/less -> /bin/zless and that 
seems like it will probably take care of it for all time.  (unless I 
rearrange my PATH some day.  <sigh>)

Anyway, thanks...

Michael McIntyre  ----   Silvan <dmmcintyr@users.sourceforge.net>
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