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Webmin on Debian

First I apologize if I still have [SPAM] in the subject, not sure how to remove yet...
I installed webmin with apt-get install webmin on a debian 3.0 machine.  It installed just fine and started up on it's own as it should.  However, when I connect to it via a browser, I only have a few options available to me.  I went to webmins site and found lots of modules for different services available.
When I installed Mandrake once, webmin was installed by default on a new install and had a lot of services available by default.
When I install via apt-get on debian, it installs almost no modules by default.  Anybody know why this is?
Is this just the way it is? I guess I just go to their site and download the modules I want to use.
If I downloaded a tarball, compiled and installed that way, would it have all of the modules installed by default?
I'm not complaining about having to install modules manually, just curious.


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